Thursday, August 09, 2007

Unstructured Björk

In all honesty, I think that Björk is an overrated singer. While I would agree that she has a unique voice and that her lyrics are creative, I don't believe that uniqueness and creativity always suffice. That said, I don't think that there's any questions that her videos are the best around.

As an extra bonus, I decided to throw in The Brunching Shuttlecock's Björk Song.

"Björk, Björk, were you brought by the stork..."


Anonymous said...

I don't like rhymes that depend on the singer's inability to pronounce a name correctly. I just wanted to say that. Thank you.

Andrew Lias said...

I gather that this is in reference to the fact that the proper pronounciation of "Björk" is closer to the word "work" than the word "york".

Given that the author of the song is Lore Sjöberg (note the umlaut), I think that we can safely conclude that he deliberately went with the popular pronunciation of her name for comedic effect.

Indeed, here are Lore's own words:

Actually, the ö is pronounced in a weird Scandinavian way that's somewhere betweek urk, erk, and oork, and I knew that when I started, having one of them in my own personal name. (Although, as you can tell from the intro, I'm similarly imprecise with "Sjöberg".) But firstly, I wrote the thing in 1993, when nobody cared. And secondly, it's funnier when it rhymes with "dork."

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