Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Unsolicited Musings

It would seem that my series of archetype posts has been reasonably popular. A number of people have contacted me asking me if I'd be willing to accept submissions for further archetypes entries. The answer to that is a definite yes.

If you want to do an archetype write-up, email me with your idea before you start writing it up. I have a number of entries already in the queue and I would like to avoid duplication. If you would like, I'll be happy to suggest one. Bear in mind that archetypes aren't limited to people. An archetype can be a place, a thing, a creature, an event, or even an abstraction. The main criteria for something being an archetype is that it is a constant type that repeats itself in a recognizable way over a broad range of works.

Try, to the best of your ability, to follow the style that I've been laying out. In particular, I would encourage you to use relatively short, declarative statements.

Once you have it written, send me a draft. I will respond with an edited draft where I may reorder and even rewrite some of what you have written (however, you have the final verdict on what gets published since your name is going to be on it). Let me know if you have a preferred image to go along with it and include a brief biographical blurb about yourself that I can include at the end of your article.

Likewise, if you have a non-archetype essay you'd like to submit, send me an email and tell me what you'd like to write about. Unstructured Musings is meant to be an omnibus so I'm always happy to have another point of view to offer.

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