Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Steve, Don't Eat It!

Steve, Don't Eat that!
I have, in my time, eaten a few exotic things. I have had chicken feet and frogs legs, snake, crickets and have even supped of the delicacy called Bird's Nest Soup (now with genuine swallow spittle). Never the less, there are people in this world who make my culinary adventures seem about as daring as putting hot sauce on a California roll.

Steve, Don't Eat It! is a semi-regular feature of The Sneeze. The eponymous Steve dares to eat things that most people would only call food for lack of a better categorization. His efforts include everything from pickled pork rinds to Beggin' Strips (in the form factor of a Beggin', lettuce and tomato sandwich). He then provides a pithy review of the experience with such comments as

Not unlike Michael Jackson, these harmless soybeans had undergone some kind of hideous transformation. They were now a freakish version of their former selves. (Which, coincidentally, should also be kept away from your children.)
Be forewarned that Steve's descriptive skills are such that you may well find yourself experiencing sympathetic nausea.

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