Thursday, August 16, 2007

Comment Verification

Well, it took a long time to happen but it seems that I'm finally starting to get hit with comment spam, so I've decided to turn on word verification for comments. You've probably already seen this "feature" on other blogs and forums; basically you need to prove that you are a live human being by copying a set of distorted letters whenever you post a comment.

For the record, I was hoping to avoid this. This blog is small enough that I didn't expect that I would be much of a target for spamming and I also consider word verification to be a bloody nuisance.

Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience. I do like the comments I get and I hope that this won't turn you off from making them.


magidin said...

No such thing as "small enough" for automatic spam generators. It takes the same amount of effort on their part to find large and small... Not a big deal at all.

Andrew Lias said...

I thought that I'd be small enough to avoid getting added to a spam list in the first place. The fact that I've gone this long before getting spam does show that it took them a long time to spot me.

Of course, now that I am spotted, I may as well bow to the inevitable.

magidin said...

I suspect the delay had more to do with your prior chosen method of receiving comments (Haloscan) rather than your relative size. But I'm just guessing.

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