Friday, August 10, 2007

A Brief Hiatus

My girlfriend is flying into town tonight and will be here through Tuesday.

I've decided that, all things considered, it would probably be better for me to focus my attention on her instead of the blog, so I'll be taking a small break.

New posts will resume on Wednesday.


magidin said...

All things considered, probably the wiser move (even if it takes you away from The Geek archetype...) Say hi for me.

Andrew Lias said...

Will do. :)

Kyle said...

Ahh! So this is "the Boyfriend Archetype".

Very clever. ;-)


Andrew Lias said...

The Boyfriend is a male. Unless he's a lesbian. In which case, that's Totally Hawt.

Natalie said...

The Geek's One True Love is not a person, but geekery itself. That said, the Geek may have an Other One True Love, who must share his passion for the One True Love. In this respect, the Geek is indistinguishable from the Zealot.

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