Sunday, August 19, 2007

Unstructured Archetypes: The Good Mother

She is Gertrude. She is Mary. He is Geppetto.

She is usually a woman but can occasionally be a man if he embraces feminine virtues.

She is the true mother. The Bad Mother may have usurped her, but she can not replace her.

She is nurturing and loving. She is not remote. This is her virtue but it is also her weakness.

She is to be protected by the Good Son.

She is to be despised and hated by the Bad Son.

She is the One True Love of The Father. It is never the Other One True Love of his.

She has no Legacy or Treasure to bequeath. She can only offer comfort and love. She may, however, pass only a bequeathment from The Father if he is absent.

When she is killed she is to be mourned and then avenged.

It is to be understood that she does not have sex with The Father. She is fundamentally chaste. This is a paradox and, yet, never the less true.

She is often a widow. If she is, she will remain faithful to The Father unless she is Seduced and Deceived.

If she is Seduced and Deceived, she will die, but not before she repents of her seduction and is forgiven because she is, of course, weak.

She is kind and charitable. This is part of her virtue but, again, also part of her weakness.

She wants to protect her children even though the Good Son needs to Go Out Into the World.

The Good Son has her love but can earn more by making her proud of him.

She is ageless but not old.

She is beautiful.

She believes in God. Her god is The Father.

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