Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Unstructured Archetypes: The Warrior

He is Achilles. He is Hercules. He is Conan. He is Red Sonja.

He is a man. Even when he is a woman, he is really a man.

He lives to fight. Combat defines him. He can go on Quests, but for him the point of a Quest is the combat to be had on the way to the Goal.

His moral universe is simple and monochromatic; however, instead of seeing the world as divided between Good and Evil, he sees it in terms of Friend and Foe.

If you are his Friend, he will love you unconditionally. If you are his Foe, he will hate you unconditionally. There is no middle ground. If you are neither Friend nor Foe, you are basically invisible to him.

The Warrior is a killer. He sees no moral conflict in killing a Foe. Leaving a Foe alive is a moral failing.

He is basically a good person but can do Bad Things.

The Warrior will sometimes kill Friends or Innocents. This will only happen as a result of rage or drunkenness. When it does happen, he will be regretful and repentant. He will need to go on a quest for Redemption. This Quest will require him to kill lots of Foes.

The Warrior does not have a One True Love. To the extent he thinks about women at all, it is as conquests or rewards for conquests.

He likes sex, especially when it takes the form of wenching. He is not, however, kinky. He prefers straightforward copulations.

The Warrior will never Put Down his Sword. He can only Die in Combat. The thought of dying in bed is shameful to him.

He doesn’t trust intellect. The solution to all problems is a sufficient quantity of force. His specialty is jamming square pegs into round holes.

He probably believes in God but doesn’t really care what God thinks.

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