Thursday, July 22, 2004


I ran into the Aesir,
Down at the grocery store.

They were in the liquor section
Looking for a case of mead.

(They eventually settled on
Some generic factory beer)

I asked them how they were.

Odin shrugged and said
That he'd just sold his Ravens
To a high bidder, online.

Thor said that he was
Working in construction
Where there's always a place
For those who can handle
A hammer.

Loki, as usual, was elusive
But I got the feeling
That he was looking for something
Out in Hollywood.

It's a good place
For tricksters and myths.

I told them that it had been too long,
That they should call me,
(They won't)
That we should get together
(We won't).

We all knew that we wouldn't.

I said my goodbyes
As they wandered on over
To the meat and dairy section
Looking for some fresh goat flesh.

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