Saturday, July 10, 2004

Gratuitous Product Endorsement

I'm not in the habit of randomly endorsing products but, every so often, I come across something that actually lives up to its own hype. One such product is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (or the much more classy sounding Effaceur Magique if you prefer French).

Basically it's like a sponge with some sort of dry chemical in it that's activated by water and which will, doubtless, one day be determined to cause deep chromosomal mutations. As it advertises, it's exceedingly effective at getting deep grime out of a wide variety of surfaces. I'm not exactly the paragon of cleanliness and, consequently, there's a lot of set-in shmutz around the house. This is a great product for domestically lax people such as myself.

The site offers a free sample. If you have no especial qualms about getting on a mailing list, I'd recommend checking it out (or plopping down a few bucks at your grocery store).

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