Wednesday, October 17, 2007



The engine of the world
Has seized up

We've had to pull the planet
Of to the side of its orbit

We've called the mechanic
But he's backed up, right now

There's been some kind of mash up
Out in the Oort

So sit back and relax
Have a smoke, or a toke
(If that's your thing)

The planet isn't going to be going
Anywhere today

Engine photo courtesy of "macwagen"


milaInIgnorance said...

bad news im afraid, mechanic unable to fix side-tracked planet, spare parts have been ordered - the reply came years ago, we can expect them Tomorrow.

Andrew Lias said...

Well done, milainignorance.

milaInIgnorance said...

I try my best, wise protist

what is this?

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