Monday, July 23, 2007

Unstructured Slapping

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Exhibit 56,402,355 for the case that the Japanese are weird is the game Nigoro, a.k.a. "Rose & Camellia" wherein the player attempts to slap the hell out of another woman for reasons that are thoroughly lost in translation. 1

I'm not sure what actually disturbs me more: the existence of the game or the fact that there are YouTube videos demonstrating how far people have managed to get in the game.

1 Don't believe me? Here's Google's translation of the rationale.
Reiko who marries as a wife of the nobility and camellia path head of a family man Siyunsuke. The husband received breath in that following day. While the noble harassing [ri] of the people of the camellia path house continues, the blood of the populace in Reiko burns up. The rose is received in Siyunsuke in the chest, Reiko declaration of war was proclaimed to the people of the camellia path house. “I who am the wife of the eldest son receive the camellia path house.”...... This the women becomes gorgeous, it sways.

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i can't get past level 3!!!

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