Monday, July 16, 2007


Just a few notes on some modifications that I've made to the blog. The first is that I've had complaints that it was very difficult to get back to the main blog if you open an articles Permanent URL link. I've added a "Return to Main Page" link which will show at the bottom of the page after the last article (obviously, this won't have much use on the actual main page, so it can be ignored, there).

I've also gone through all of the old posts and added context links, which makes it easy to find related articles. For instance if you wanted to see all of my old Administrivia posts (and why the hell would you do a crazy thing like that), you could just click on the Administrivia label at the bottom of this article.

I've also noted that all the old audioblogger links for my poems are now officially dead, which rather sucks given how much of a PITA it was to narrate them. I'm still looking for a good way to do audioblogging that won't cost me an arm and a leg. If you happen to know of a good option, do pass it along.

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