Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Unstructured Archetypes: The Sinful Woman

She is Eve. She is Guinevere. She is Helen of Troy.

She is always a woman and never a man.

She Sinful Woman is not Evil; she is Flawed. The difference is important.

The Sinful Woman is the Hero’s One True Love. (Because of her sinfulness, however, he may eventually find his Other One True Love).

Because of her sinfulness, she destroys herself and those who love her.

Her sin is sexual. Her downfall is her desire for Carnal Pleasure. She confuses carnality for love and it is this confusion that causes her to betray the Hero.

The sinful woman is repentant. However, even if the Hero forgives her, she remains Flawed.

The Hero continues to love her, even after she has Fallen.

The Sinful Woman is usually childless. If she does have children, she passes to them a Flawed Legacy.

The Sinful Woman has a choice. She knows that her actions are sinful but she does them anyway.

Although the Sinful Woman will commit adultery, she is neither a slut nor a whore.

The Sinful Woman is beautiful. Her beauty is a reminder that virtue is more important than appearance.

The Sinful Woman believes in God. She just falls short of him.

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