Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Welcome to Springfield

Although I do believe that its best days are behind it, I have long been a fan of The Simpsons. While I may believe that The Simpsons have, perhaps, lasted too long, the fact of their longevity has had the effect of allowing its world to developed a rather remarkable degree of internal complexity.

Back in 2001, two Cal State grads by the name of Jerry Lerma and Terry Hogan decided that it might be interesting to try and represent some of this complexity by making a consistent map of the fictional city of Spingfield, home of the Simpsons family and the location of the majority of episodes. Where possible, they have tried to place things in relationship to one another according to actual references in the show. Where this was not possible, they made admittedly arbitray decisions.

The end result is The Map of Springfield. Others might mock it for being a spectacular (and spectacularly nerdy) waste of precious time. I, for one, salute them for their effort.

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