Thursday, September 23, 2004

The Gift of Fire

They were so cold,
But the gods didn't care.

They told me that
I should have given them more hair.

If it was up to them,
I should have made them
Walk on all fours.
I should have made their tongues
Thick and inarticulate.
I should have made them beasts.

It bothered the gods
That they could speak,
That they could shout,
That they could curse the gods.

Divine entities,
As a whole,
Are very superstitious beings.

Having overthrown their own creators,
The gods did not want to be overthrown
By mine.

I gave them fire.
I freely admit that I stole it
And no fearsome, rending vulture
Will cause me to regret this.

The gods have cursed them with perils
And forced obedience upon them,

But they still have fire
And I know that, someday,
They will learn
That even gods can burn.

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