Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Unstructured Showdown

Ultimate Showdown

If you've ever been a teenage boy, you've doubtless pondered the sort of question where you ask who would win, Superman vs. Hulk, or Batman vs. Spiderman, or Optimus Prime vs. the big robot from Voltron (and so forth and so on).

The Ultimate Showdown is a flash animation, set to a very catchy song, that takes that line of thought to its ultimate conclusion.


magidin said...

Well, as I recall, Superman does fight the Hulk in the DC vs. Marvel comic series.


Can't recall who wins, though. (Batman fights Captain America, and then ends up banging his head when he tries to save the latter after beating him, thus "losing")...

Andrew Lias said...

I actually remember that. Superman wins by simply one-punching the Hulk, after dosing him with a blast of his heat vision, although he comments that he put every last ounce of his strength into the punch.

Personally, I was a bit disappointed. If you're going to have Superman and the Hulk fight, it really should be an epic battle with the final victory being long fought and hard won.

It was also one of the intelligent versions of the Hulk, which, in my opinion, automatically makes it an inauthentic fight.

magidin said...

In addition, I believe the winners in those issues were chosen by "fan votes" on phone lines (the same way they decided the fate of the second Robin; in fact, it may have been a follow-up to that, as it proved fairly successful at the time).

To be honest, the entire DC vs Marvel run was, in my opinion, pretty silly. I enjoyed much more the "cross-overs" (one in which Superman and Spider-Man trade cities for some reason, so Clark Kent goes to work for The Bugle, completely flustering JJJ, and Peter Parker goes to work for The Planet, and finds Perry White's quite disapproval so much harder to take than what he is used to, was pretty well written as I recall).

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