Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dodge Ovaries

Dodge Logo/Ovaries

Once you see it, it's difficult not to see it. Try not to giggle the next time you see a Dodge truck.

Found on TruckBlog.com


Anonymous said...

shut your face ford pussy, or chevy cunt. You know Dodge kicks your ass anyday. Why dont you pull that dildo out your ass and buy a mopar.

Rain said...

I guess this struck a nerve with someone that works for Dodge.

Hey, I have a Dodge. I'm proud of my Dodge. But I did think this was hella funny.

Beside, it's all over the internet. So get over it.

ladiesman said...

hey assholes who diss dodges and chevs why dont to take you head out of your ass. most people in this world drive chevs and dodges and i am a 14 year old man that would just love to kick your ass.

biorezonanta said...

yes, it's true , it's for reach people ,

Anonymous said...

That's funny! I can't believe the immature ignoramoses who don't know how to take a joke. Jeesh. Such vile hostility. I feel sorry for them.

Anonymous said...


Youngcarexpert said...

Ladiesman you've got some issues first off you dont know what the heck a joke is second off you have horrible taste in cars and third you maybe 14 but it takes a five year old to know that fords are obviously better

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