Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Fermi Paradox: The Aliens are Among Us Hypothesis

UFOOne potential answer to the question of "Where are they?" is "Right here!"

The AAAUH hypothesis suggests that, contrary to the opinions of skeptics, aliens are visiting the Earth and that they are being detected, albeit not in ways that the orthodox scientific community is willing to accept. Supporters of this hypothesis point to the large number of reported sightings and close encounters of various types.

Detractors of this hypothesis note that, in spite of the large number of sightings, no empirical evidence has been forthcoming. More so, attempts to account for this lack of empirical evidence often tend to cross the threshold into the realm of outright paranoia (e.g., in contending that the governments of the world are deliberately suppressing information). Proponents tend to dismiss such accusations as being either myopic or deliberately obtuse.

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