Sunday, September 16, 2007

Administrivia: Link Pops

Last month I had a poll asking where or not you preferred to have links open in a new window or whether you'd prefer to have them in the same window. In addition to voting, a few of you raised arguments from either side.

On the one hand, opening a link in the same window is disadvantageous to those with low bandwidth. On the other hand, most browsers allow you to choose whether or not you want to open a link in the same window (e.g., by right clicking) while forcing a new window removes that option.

I've given the subject much thought and have decided on something of a compromise. Text links will default to opening in the current window, however, when a graphic image links to the same content as a text link on the page, I will have that default to popping open a new window.

For the vast majority of entries, the main graphic will be linked to the main content of the post so this should make it easier on those who have limited bandwidth without inconveniencing those who have bandwidth and hate to have links force them into new windows and/or tabs.

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