Thursday, March 02, 2006


Well, here's the latest update on my life:

I went to see the doctor for a follow-up. Although all the stones in the left kidney have been successfully evacuated (says the captain of the Titanic), the big stone in the right kidney is still there, so I'm going to have to go through another round of lithotripsy. Given that, in addition to this, the Dish that supposed to be installed today was, once again, delayed, and that a game I bought for the sake of relaxation isn't compatible with my computer, and that my toothbrush broke in half while I was brushing my teeth, there's only one logical course of action: I really need to find out which gypsy I managed to piss off so badly and offer her my profoundest apologies for whatever I did to her.

While we're on the subjecting of pissing, I have been put on medications that have the interesting effect of turning my urine a neat tidy-bowl shade of blue. This is a nice change of pace from the fluorescent orange shade that my previous medications gave me. It also reveals unto me my life's purpose, which is to piss the rainbow. Indeed, I want to go beyond the visible spectrum. First I'll work my way through the infrared and ultraviolet, then into the deeper realms of microwave and radio until, finally, I'm able to produce a pure stream of gamma and x-rays.

Once I reach that point I will, of course, be a superhero. Suggestions for a name and a logo are welcome.

Take care and wish me luck. Clearly I've had a dearth of it this year and could use whatever spare luck you might have hanging around.

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