Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Unstructured Lexophilia

I've been a lexophile since before I can remember. If you love words, too, there are few places as conducive to that form of enjoyment as World Wide Words.

Every week, the site's author, Micheal Quinion, posts fresh articles. His regular entries include topical words such as gravitas, weird words such as dactylomony, a Q&A section where he attempts to trace the history of a word, interesting turns of phrase such as "echo boomer", and reviews of books pertaining to language, such as The Power of Bable.

The weekly content is also available via a mailing list. I recommend this if only to get access to "sic!", which are samples of mangles english supplied by his readers. One such recent entry was an advertisement for a "Canoe and wine tasting" with the snarky commentary, "Mmm, Cedar, fiberglass and a hint of mud, with an impudent brackish undernote."

My stock of fun sites is starting to run a bit low. If you have a site, or several sites, that you particular enjoy, please email them to me at anrwlias@gmail.com for consideration. Any future Tuesday Fun entries that use your suggestion will credit you.

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