Thursday, November 11, 2004

Canis Maximus

To your dog, You are God.

You are the Bringer of Food,
The Opener of Doors,
The Summoner of Strange Lights
And Sounds.

You giveth him pleasure
When You stroketh his fur,

You taketh him to far places
Where he may frolick and run,

You maketh him to play fetch
In the yard and in the park.

You are the Lord of All Things
That Squeek, Roll and Can Be Chewed,

It is You for whom he wags his tail.

It is You for whom he waits,
In lamentation and vigil,
When You leave in the morning.

It is You that he loves
To the brim of his canine heart.

When you are a beast to him,
It is damnation.

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