Thursday, November 04, 2004

Zoroastrian Gentlemen

There were five Zoroastrian gentlemen
Waiting to talk to you today.

They were going to tell you all about
Ahriman and Ahura-Mazda:
Diametric deities
Acting like opposing plates
On an infinitely long scale.

They were going to explain
That every person,
By their acts and words,
Is like a tiny weight
Placed to one side or the other
Of this great device,
And that the future may well fall
To either side,
So do well and beware.

They were going to tell you —
Well, many things.
I was taking notes,
But the ink got smudged.

You would have seen them,
But you were so wound around
Your own worldview,
Not unlike a certain serpent
Around a certain forbidden tree,
That you missed your chance
To meet these five gentlemen.

They would still like to see you.

Should I take a message,
Or would you rather
I send them away?

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