Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Unstructured Coolness

The one thing about Creationists that I can understand is the tendency to be overwhelmed by the complexity and beauty of the natural world. There is an understandable temptation to throw our arms up in the air and declare that it simply can't be the result of unthinking processes.

The problem, of course, is that it doesn't do to answer one mystery by positing yet another, even larger mystery. This is particularly the case when we attempt to account for something of finite complexity and comprehensibility with something that is supposedly infinitely complex and incomprehensible.

Be that as it may, the inner workings of a cell is one of those things that tugs at our intuition and which strains us to suspend disbelief. I think that it is no coincidence that the proponents of Intelligent Design love to harp of the workings of cellular biology so very much.

Today's link is to a video that shows those workings with some truely vibrant animation. It should be stressed that a few liberties were taken in order to be able to actually show anything at all (real cells are very crowded places that don't lend themselves to visualization) but that the essential scientific accuracy of the images are intact.

By the by, that funny little walking thing, towing a vesicle, is a kinesin and they really do walk much like they are portrayed as doing.

Sit back and be amazed.

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