Thursday, September 07, 2006

Unstructured Braaaaaaaaaains

When it comes to the undead, most people seem to prefer vampires to zombies. I can understand why. Vampires are sexy, they have that whole goth chic think going, and, really, which would you rather be? Never the less, I find that zombies are more fun.

Although you can certainly have more interesting conversations with a vampire, a zombie is never going to get all pretentious on you or bore you with long winded monologues on the "pain and agony of my eternal curse", nor will a zombie ever try to make you feel oh-so-subtly inferior to it. Let's face it, most vampires act like they're in an exclusive club and that, in all likelihood, you aren't going to be cool enough to get past the velvet rope. Zombies, on the other hand, are pure proletariat and will be perfectly willing to let you join their community. Zombies are all about inclusiveness and diversity.

Today's little bit of fun is the Zombie Simulator, aka The Incredible Zombie Machine v1.0b which, as the name might suggest, simulates a zombie outbreak in an urban area. The sim has a number of configurable parameters including number of normal humans and soldiers, soldier efficiency, whether or not zombies can break down walls, and so forth. It also lets you start dropping bombs when things threaten to get out of hand.

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