Thursday, June 02, 2005


We decided to build a god.

We built it out of wire, string and clay,
And some transcendent goo
That we found lying on the beach.

It flashed into luminescence
Brighter and more beautiful
Than the sum of a thousand days,
Filling our hearts with joys unnamed.

It proclaimed Itself our creator
And cursed thunder at our denials.

It told us that we were wretched
And unworthy of Its love,
Which was boundless,
And subject to impromptu revocation.

It proclaimed twelve Eternal Rules
And promptly commanded their violation
In Its name and for Its glory.

It finally shambled off into the sky
Shouting at us to keep our eyes
Cast firmly upon the ground
As a reminder of our lowly state.

We indulged it for a week
Before we took it apart.

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