Thursday, December 02, 2004

Beyond The Singularity

Far beyond the Singularity
The world will commence again, again:
Smart matter seeds
Strewn across a field of asteroids;
Collected and collated as much as harvested,
And filed away by certain old minds
With inexhaustible memories.

We can not understand why
They have chosen to resurrect the old world —
It is something they create and destroy
Every few tens of millennia.

Some say the variations,
Between one iteration and the next,
Suggest a sequence of science experiments,
Using worlds like cosmic test tubes:
No lesser tools could fit the hands
Of those posthuman gods.

Some say they grow nostalgic
For their once and future world.
Some say that it is a game, played
With rules more complex then the universe.

Maybe it's just art?

The world glows again, again;
Gaia lives, a rejuvenated virgin.
The Earth cools and cracks,
Breaking a new set of supercontinental plates.

Ecce aqua! Ecce vitae! Ecce homo!

The brutish beast, man
Is made the child of his own children.

And then it happens.
God begotten men once again
Beget gods.

A new Singularity blossoms into the universe
And the new posthumans scatter from their world
Like diamond sand caught in a universal wind.

We envy them.

We are old.
We are tired.
We are human.

Set aside
Into living storage
Half a billion years ago.

Is this punishment
For some nameless transgression,
Or are we merely here
Because of some forgotten whim?

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