Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Welcome GMail Contestants!

If you're a TotalFark member or an alt.atheism reader, you probably know that I've decided to distribute another three GMail invites to the three people who post the most intelligent comment to this blog. I'll be rendering judgement Friday night.

Please feel free to scan through the blog (you can comment on the archived posts, too -- be assured that I will see them) to find something worth commenting on. I am looking for posts that show an understanding of the topic and which demonstrate insightfulness and intelligence. Don't worry about identifying yourself as a GMail contestant. I'll consider any post an entry and I will confirm with the winners that they do, in fact, want the invites when I'm ready to distribute them.

Although I went out of my way to invite Farkers and the folks at alt.atheism, the contest is open to anyone interested in participating.

Please be welcome and have fun!

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