Friday, June 11, 2004


One of the challenges to writing on-line essays is finding good links for the essays. I try to avoid linking for the sake of linking instead stiving to make every link informative, illustrative and, if at all possible, entertaining. Sometimes this is easier than at other times. My recent essay on the subject of Sexual Dimorphism proved to be an especial challenge. There are a lot of great articles and studies out that pertain to the subject but most of what I'd like to have linked to is in the form of professional journals that either don't have an online presence or which require subscriptions to read the articles.

As it happens, I just stumbled across a site that would have made a perfect link (actually, several perfect links). Rather than going back and re-editing the essay, I've decided to simply post the link here. The site is hosted by the University of Plymouth Department and is meant as a supplement to their Psych 141 course (Biological Perspectives on Gender Differences).

I would particularly like to point out the section pertaining to the development of external genitalia (as well as the accompanying animation) and, even more pertinantly, the site's article on a boy who had suffered an accidental castration due to a botched circumcision who was subsequently raised as a girl. I would also note that Slate contains a follow up to this rather sad story.

Please note that this site contains clinical nudity. There's nothing prurient but it has been pointed out that there are companies that would object to their employees browsing these images. Proceed with caution.

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