Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Unstructured Humor

Humor Graph

In all likelihood, you have a sense of humor. The question, however, is what sort of a sense of humor do you have.

OkCupid!'s 3 Variable Funny Test is an utterly unscientific quiz that, never the less, seems to do a fairly good job of graphing a persons humor preferences along three axes.

As you can see, my own preferences are for humor that is dark, clean and complex which identifies me as a "wit".


Anonymous said...

Except to take the test, it seems you need to sign up with a screen name. :-(

ron smith said...

I took the test without signing up.
It said I'm a Ham, which I disagree with. I was not overall impressed by the test, much of it didn't make sense, I have also never seen any of the movies listed, so it was kind of pointless.

magidin said...

You can take the test without signing up, so long as you leave the very last question blank (the one labeled optional); at least I did. And, as with Ron, mine said I was a Ham, and I don't think that was terribly accurate. Many of the questions didn't seem to me to be very good distinguishers for me.

Andrew Lias said...

What can I say, guys? I thought that it was a fun test but I don't think that it's meant to have scientific degrees of accuracy (or, indeed, any real accuracy at all).

Be that as it may, I'll mark this one down as a miss for you guys. :)

magidin said...

Oh, nothing inherently wrong with this quiz (or should I say "more wrong compared to other quizes", perhaps?). I think you just got dazzled a bit by being told you were a wit. Maybe the test is only half right? (-;

Andrew Lias said...

I was thinking that maybe it just truncated the leading T.

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