Monday, May 28, 2007

Unstructured Meta-Fun

I've always loved meta-things and Lore Sjöberg (late of Brunching Shuttlecocks) has come up with a dandy one.

As you might have noticed, "what-am-I" quizzes have been proliferating. You can now know, with all the accuracy that the internet has to bear on the subject (ahem), what style of humor you have, whether or not you have a personality disorder, and which Simpsons character you are.

Lore's test goes beyond this basic paradigm. Instead of finding out who you are from a quiz, you tell the quiz who you are. The idea is that you then pass the quiz along to your friends and they try to guess what your answers would be (he compares it to being a bit like the Newlywed Game but with no questions about whoopee).

Here's my swap quiz. You can, of course, create your own.

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