Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Making Feinds

Making Fiends is an animated web comic and the invention of Amy Winfrey, formerly one of the animators for South Park as well as the creator of Big Bunny and Muffin Films.

The plots, which are simple but amusing, revolve around the interaction of two little girls named Vendetta and Charlotte.

Vendetta is a young evil genius who has a talent for creating monsters (i.e., fiends) which she uses to terrorize her playmates and teacher. Charlotte, by contrast, is a happy-go-lucky girl who can't believe that Vendetta is evil and who is convinced that they are best friends.

Vendetta, naturally, hates Charlotte and, each episode, does her best to create a monster to destroy her. Naturally, and to her immense frustration, Charlotte's innocent perspective manages to thwart Vedetta's schemes. It's a simple enough formula but surprisingly enjoyable all the same.

Be warned, the opening theme will stick in your head.

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