Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Virtual Knee Surgery

I will have to confess that I've always been squeemish. I'm glad that there are people in the world who are able to put up with the sight of a body's innards, but I'm certainly not the kind of person who can, for instance, watch surgery shows on the TV.

Given this, it may seem odd that I'm recommending a site called Virtual Knee Surgery.

It may well be that your threshold of empathy is even higher than mine and that this site may be too disturbing for you, but I found that that the fairly antiseptic cartoon renderings of the surgery (minus all that messy blood and such) allowed me to appreciate and enjoy the experience without feeling the least bit quesy.

I will say that, if the prospect doesn't entirely put you off, it's well worth the while. The science and artistry involved in reconstructive surgery really is very impressive and the hands-on nature of the site that lets you (kinda sorta) participate in it really does help to give you an inkling of the amount of skill that goes into being a surgeon.

You will need a Flash player to engage the site.

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