Thursday, August 12, 2004

Final Exit

I missed my final exit
And forget how to die.

It's not such a bad thing
To be an immortal.

To be sure,
There are days where I wonder
"When did that mountain range appear,
And where did that other one go?"

It is always a bit of a disappointment
When some favorite continent of mine
Crashes into another.

Sometimes I find myself feeling nostalgic
For all the species that I've known
Who have fallen into extinction,
Including my own,
Modulo me.

Often it can be lonely:
Sentience doesn't evolve
All that often
And when it does,
I'm too often out of touch
With the new biologies
To make much sense of them.

But it has its benefits.
I have learned the patience
To watch the slow, slow march
Of the stars across the sky,
As they play cat's cradle
With the constellations.

When the sun expands,
I will look forward to swimming
In its ruby red seas.

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