Thursday, May 20, 2004

Hey Diddle Diddle

They gather together,
Even after all these years,
Just to play poker,
Just to talk,
Just to remember
And just to forget.

The cow, as always,
Talks about her proud leap.
She doesn’t talk about
How she broke her legs,
How she crushed her ribs,
Or about the fact
That she’s been on a respirator
Ever since that day.

The cat plays a quite tune
Full of such sorrow
That it strains the strings
To their very guts.
He hasn’t always been
Such a melancholy beast.

They wonder what happened
To the dish and the spoon.
They’ve heard some ugly rumors
About a nasty divorce,
But it’s hard to believe them.
There are always these stories
When there’s a mixed marriage.

The little dog still laughs,
Even if his laughter
Contains the ghost of wheeze.
Still, all in all,
He’s probably come out the best:
He’s always been
What he’s always been --
Just a little dog in a big world.

They each take another sip
From their beers.

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